Sunday, 12 January 2014

Street Art || Sarah Connolly

Todays post has been written by the gorgeous Sarah, who is the co-founder of Feted Magazine. Check out the website here for more details. Hope you enjoy her piece on street art!

Some call it vandalism while others call it public art, but regardless of what people think of it street art brightens towns and cities and is the most primitive form of showcasing an artist's work.

Banksy was my first love when it came to art. His creativity and anonymity makes him and his work even more appealing than it already is, so where better to scope out some street art than from his native Bristol?

I’m a huge street art fan and am the proud owner of pieces by Pure Evil, Cassette Lord, Mr Brainwash and RYCA, and in my opinion there's no better place for artists to show off their skills than on the streets where people of all ages and backgrounds can witness what they’ve got going on. It creates enjoyment and colour, and artists are only right to take advantage of the unique opportunity they’ve got to publicise their work for free which the rest of us creative souls can only dream of.
Below are pictures of some street art I came across while walking through Bristol a few weeks ago. I had no idea it was such a creative and colourful city or that there was such a huge street art scene there beyond Banksy. How wrong I was.





  1. Great photographs! x

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  3. I'm a huge street art fan, usually I seek it out in Berlin but will be visiting London soon. Would love to visit Bristol...loving the Phlegm piece. Great guest post!
    Donna x


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