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Hopes and Dreams for 2014 || Sarah from 'Sarah's Little World'

hello lovelies! A couple weeks ago I got in touch with Gemma to write a guest post on her blog, and I was so excited after chatting away with her and deciding what my post was going to be about! After exchanging a few emails Gemma suggested a post about my hopes and dreams for 2014, and I jumped at the chance. How exciting!?

So hi everyone, I’m Sarah from Sarah’s little world! And I’m very excited to do this guest post (I’ve not written for someone else’s blog before), you may want to know the basics…20 years old, third year university student, obsessed with Disney and photography, and my blog reflects on what I love, buy and get up to during my hectic life as I complete my degree in Media & Communications and Counselling Skills (crazy combination, I know).

I got thinking about my hopes & dreams and the fact that 2014 is going to be a very big year for me, so what a perfect way to prepare myself for these than write all about them. Hmm my hopes and dreams for the next year? I hope everything I want goes to plan? But that wouldn’t happen exactly would it? Not everything goes the way we want, so here’s how I want things to work out, a little background on my life and possibly bits of rambling.

So my hopes for this year, come as ideas of what will happen in my relationship, how I want my birthday to be celebrated, how I want to enjoy my final year of university and also graduation (fingers crossed ey), and all the little things I want to accomplish throughout the next year.

For my relationship; in march, me and my boyfriend will be celebrating two years together, which is crazy!? I sometimes find myself in my own thought bubble and start thinking about how I’m with someone like him, and now I have to get my head round the fact that he’s put up with me for two years now.
For my birthday; again, in march me and my boyfriend will be celebrating our 21st’s within days of each other, which I think makes our birthdays extra special that they’re so close. So even though I’m super excited, I better get thinking about what to buy him already (because he’s so picky). I’m secretly hoping that I can find a way to have a joint celebration and to maybe have a huge party filled with all family and friends…he’s not too keen on the idea so maybe it’ll just be me that had the party!

For my education; it’s the final stretch now, a few months left, a handful of modules and a couple thousand words left and it’s all over. Being at university has been a very difficult challenge for me over the last few years and now it’s almost at an end I’m very focused and excited. I’m just hoping I get the grades I need and by October 2014 I’ll be stood in my cap and gown accepting my degree certificate and making myself and my family proud of what I’ve achieved…I mean for most people that’s exactly what university is about isn’t it!?

For my career; now university is almost over it’s time to consider what’s my next move and that’s the scary bit. I’ve never been clued up on what I want to happen in the future and honestly its probably going to have no connection to the subjects I’ve studied for the last few years. But if I could have a dream job then I have a few ideas that include, being a photographer. I’ve enjoyed photos and capturing ‘the moment’ for years and always hoped to make it my profession, so I’m considering once uni is over to take some classes and grab as many friends as possible and start sorting out a portfolio and a plan. Also over the years I’ve really enjoyed anything creative or design orientated, so I’m hoping to find something in interior design or get involved with houses, whether it be designs or sales. I think they’re very far fetched ideas but its definitely a dream of mine to attempt.

I guess this is a two-part post. Because those are the things that will be happening and I want them to go exactly how I’m hoping they will but there’s also my dreams;
the endless list of things I’ve wanted to do for years and haven’t! For some reason, 2014 seems like the best year to try them out. With university coming to an end it’s time to find some exciting things to plan, in a sort of celebration of the end of this chapter in my life.

Starting off, I want to go on loads of weekend trips away; I’m currently thinking of a weekend away to Brighton (obviously in the summer) as it looks so pretty and I really want to few days away in Disneyland Paris with my boyfriend, I love all things Disney and getting away to Paris is so romantic! I’d also love to continue blogging as I find it my little hobby, but hopefully by this time next year, I’ve become more confident with what I write and my exposure to it and that I continue to talk and make friends with so many lovely people within the blogging world.

Thanks so much everyone for reading my post (I hope I didn’t bore you too much), and thanks Gemma for letting me do this and I hope I didn’t disappoint. I hope you all enjoyed my post and I’d love if you all popped over to my blog, to see more of me.

Hope you’re all doing well and this gets you thinking of all the hopes and dreams you have throughout 2014, plus I’d love to hear them, so leave us a little comment below.

-Sarah Lauren; Sarah’s little world

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  1. Good luck Sarah!
    Hope you achieve all your goals and fulfill your dreams.

    Pretty Gloss ♥ beauty, makeup & a bit of life..
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  2. Good luck with your final few months Sarah. And I hope you and your boyfriend have a good anniversary and birthdays!



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