Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hopes and Dreams for 2014 || Leah from '30 Something Curvy Me'

Hi I'm Leah from and I am really chuffed to be writing a guest post for lipsticksandlashes :)
When Gemma contacted me she asked me to think about what my hopes and dreams would be for 2014. I thought I might share some wisdom on how to get your new Year off to a great start,
Most people make a New Years Resolution in January that they never stick to but for most of my life (from teenager onwards) I have always made a list of 10 achievable tasks for the year. I used to write then on a little slip of paper and keep it in my purse to remind myself of them from time to time.
If I manage 7 in the year I always feel like I have done something with my life.
My 10 this year are:
1) Read 3 Fiction Books
2) Watch 1 horror movie (I hate them but I think I should just remind myself why)
3) Revamp my blog so it looks a little more creative rather than shoved together
4) Learn to sew
5) Bake 3 cakes for peoples birthdays
6) Travel to a city in the UK I have never been before, possibly York
7) Research a career change
8) Learn a little German for my trip to Berlin
9) Try 4 olives throughout the year to see if they still taste awful
10) Try 1 month in the year where no money is spent but money is made and saved
Sometimes it's better to give yourself little goals which you can probably do than one big one.
It's surprising how many you find yourself doing.
Leah x


  1. Great goals! I recently went to Berlin and decided to rely on my GCSE German..needless to say I should have brushed up before going haha. To be fair it wasn't a problem as everyone I met spoke English x

    1. Aw. I can't wait to go :) x
      Thanks for your comment.x

  2. York is a wonderful city to visit (I grew up just outside) so much to see and do and be so surrounded by history!

    Good luck with achieving your goals in 2014!


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