Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas #DICraftSwap

Over the past year I’ve really fallen in love with crafting, and just generally being creative again. I don’t think I ever really feel out of love with it, I think life just got in the way and I didn’t really make time for it. That’s all changed lately and I am so glad to be back making things and having fun with craft. So when I found out about Hannah's #DICraftSwap I just couldn’t resist signing up!

This is the second swap I’ve signed up for and I’ve really enjoyed doing them! Each month she announces a new theme for the swap and then Hannah emails you the person you are sending to, the person you are sending to is not the person you are receiving from. It’s up to you if you want to reveal yourself. Each parcel must include at least one handmade item and one bought gift with the min. value of £3. Spending and making more is entirely up to you!

This rounds theme was ‘Christmas’ and I was given Lauren who blogs at ‘Oh Hay!’ to make something for. I decided to make her some star tree decorations and a necklace, I had so much fun making these pieces. I also sent her a Doctor Who print as she is also a fan. I did take some pics of everything I sent but somehow managed to delete half my photos this morning and have been unable to retrieve them! So all I can show you are the stars I made for Lauren....

The lovely Claire who blogs over at ‘The Owl in the Teacup’, had me and she completely spoiled me! She made me 2 absolutely gorgeous traditional Swedish Dala Horses, which have had pride of place on my tree this year. Claire also made me a twine and painted heart picture holder, which I am going to use to hold photos as it looks fab!

Claire also treated me to the cutest pair of unicorn socks, some unicorn stickers and a lovely letter set which I have already started using. Oooh and a Thornton’s fudge chocolate bar which didn’t last long at all!

Massive thank you to Claire for such lovely treats and to Hannah for organising this! If you are interested in craft swaps then I really recommend popping over to Dainty and Ivory to sign up. I’m skipping the current swap due to lack of funds and time but look forward to joining in with more this year! 


  1. I'm a bit obsessed by swaps now, having done my own thrifty swap for the 3rd year running, plus Char's secret Santa and your blogger snail mail. I think I'll definitely sign up for one of these in the coming months.

    1. Haha im exactly the same, im hooked! I love this craft one though! so much fun to do! xx


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