Sunday, 11 January 2015

Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube In Menatour

I received this Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube way back in Julys Birchbox. Now purple isn’t a colour id normally wear so was a bit ‘meh’ about it at first however a few months later it has definitely grown on me and I do wear it regularly now!
The shade is called Menatour and is a bright purple and when you look at the pencil it looks a little garish to me. However this didn’t completely put me off and I decided to try it out anyway. I am so glad I did as once on its a little more pinkish and is quite flattering. It is still pretty vibrant so may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
It glides on pretty easily, I start by lining my lips with it then filling in the rest after. It’s not sticky or tacky and it actually stays put for hours! Its long lasting, smooth and non drying, all points that make me very happy with a lip product.
A bonus point is gained for the fact it smells like peppermint! Add a little lip gloss and I really like the results. I would never have chosen this colour myself, but I LOVE it and it’s made me more open to trying new shades!
Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube in Menatour can be bought from the online Birchbox shop for £14, this is the only thing that puts me off buying it as I think it’s a little expensive for what it is.


  1. I'm jealous. This colour is gorgeous. I'm on a purple kick at the moment. Lol. Great post :)

    Bex x

  2. Love the colour, suits you down to a T! X

  3. Oh wow what a lovely colour, it looks great on you xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  4. I would never think to wear such a purple shade but it really suits you! I might be tempted now... Lucy, xxx

  5. I have this as well its a lovely colour but I do agree it is a bit expensive for what it is :)

    Melissa ||


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