Monday, 6 April 2015

Motivational Monday // April

I’m BACK! Properly, officially, fully back into blogland and so excited for it too! I think in March I managed about 3 blog posts, an all time low for me! I want to feel bad about it but the last few months have been such hard work that blogging on top was impossible, not the fun enjoyable hobby I love, and it became another thing to be ticked off the list. That is something I never want this space to be, so it took a back seat for a while instead. I have had a nightmare with work, I loved the job but didn’t like the management and it made me stressed and grumpy. As it was things I was unable to change I took the plunge and went for another job and I actually got it! I start tomorrow and I am slightly terrified/nervous/excited! I’ve been at my old job for 5 years so I am sad to leave the young people I work with but I can’t wait for a new challenge.

Saying that though I am horrendous when it comes to change, I think that’s the stubborn Capricorn in me, it makes me feel sick and I am such a worrier! However I’ve decided to look at this as a new beginning and I like how that feels! So April for me is about making positive changes, starting this new job, blogging regularly again and still working on improving my diet and fitness, all things I am super excited by! I think this is massively helped by spring finally arriving, the sun is out a bit more, its lighter in the evenings and is my favourite time of year!

How do you tackle change?


  1. Good luck for changes lovely it is scary but will be worth it and glad to see you back xxx

  2. Good luck my dear, hope it goes well, you will do well, I know!!! xx


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