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Weapons of beauty in 21 century

So back at the beginning of last month the lovely Nika, whose sarcasm and dry wit always makes me giggle, she is one funny lady, she wrote THIS guest post here on Lipsticks and Lashes and I am ridiculously honored to have here back again with today’s guest post! She is a fab writer and I think this is such an interesting topic, I would love to hear all your thoughts…..

Nobody is perfect, but on the other side, we have beauty standards that are demanding perfection. How does one cope with that? Should we reconcile with living with imperfections? Do we accept them and look at them from a positive side? Or do we change them if we have the chance? The answer is quite simple actually: it all depends on us. Different people have different view of life and different images of themselves and based on that they’ll decide what it takes to feel self-confident.
Different beauty standards depending on the country (source)

In search for perfection
Women’s hyper-criticism is leading them to have unattainable standards of attraction. They are constantly bombarded by images of perfect women’s body in the media, but even putting that aside, throughout history women always strived to changing their appearance in order to achieve some bigger level of beauty. 

Real-life Ken and Barbie hated the sight of each other (source)

The difference is in tools that are used for such a purpose. In ancient Egypt women used products based on copper, led and malachite to give their faces definition and color. In Middle Ages women risk their health for beauty, by using cosmetics that were blocking proper circulation. In Renaissance arsenic was basic ingredient for face powder. Up to now, make up and cosmetic treatments dominated as a way to beautify. Today, however, as a tool in search for perfection, plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular.

Plastic surgery as a tool of beauty
Plastic surgery today is more popular than ever. One of the reasons is that most of the interventions are pretty affordable, so they are not anymore available to members of the upper class only. Its popularity is also based on growing acceptance of “going under the knife” as a method of beautifying. 

Evidence, news and confessions that many celebs had plastic procedures are making plastic surgery more in demand. It actually makes one feel better about his imperfections, by seeing the flawless look of many stars didn’t happen naturally, and that he too has the chance to look like that. With always popular curves and sexy cleavage, breast augmentation continues to be the biggest trend in cosmetic surgery.

Most popular procedures
Reshaping the nose, or rhinoplasty is on the very top of most wanted procedures. People often have nose job for health reasons, to correct birth defect or breathing problem, or they are simply unhappy with the appearance of their nose. 
Even the most gorgeous of them feel they need to change something
Breast augmentation and enlargement, as mentioned, are extremely popular, due to previously discussed search for perfection, because not all of us are fortunate enough to have firm and well shaped breast, and we all want them. Liposuction is very much in demand because of the obvious reasons. There is no surprise that Botox is still most popular non-surgical procedure. But due to curvy girls popularity, a surprise trend of butt implants emerges, and it’s becoming more and more wanted.

A little touch up here and there
Is there something wrong with a little “polishing” of our nature given bodies? Self-improvement has always been an admirable cause, but when it comes to plastic surgery it is often viewed as unwanted and unacceptable trend. On the other hand, the answer of cosmetic surgery supporters is that the matter is quite simple: “If you don’t like something and you have the opportunity to change it, what’s stopping you?”

- You can find Nika on twitter here. I would love to hear your views on this subject!


  1. Great, great article! I am very much against plastic surgery for any non-medical reason. I know others would argue with me. I have a horrid nose which I don't like but there's no way I would do anything to change it!x

  2. By the way, are you still Glitterati-ing? I am but I am thinking of stoppign when I consider how much money I have spent and not worn things much!!x


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