Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Revlon: Gel Eye Liner Review

Welcome to my final Revlon review, from my 3 for 2 purchases at boots! I love Gel Eyeliner. Fact. I find it stays on a lot longer than any other form of eye liner and gives a more defined look. Therefore I am always willing to try a new gel eye liner and I couldn’t resist when I saw this one and was choosing a third Revlon product to buy.
I was impressed with the packaging, the lid comes apart to become the brush so a fab little compact you could easily carry around in your handbag. The brush itself was a little wide for my liking, I’m used to a fine tip when I use my MAC liner brush, so I can make my line as thin or as thick as I like. This brush meant I could only manage a thick line which is a bit annoying.

The actual gel eye liner is fantastic! It creates a gorgeous glossy black finish and stays put for hours and hours. I am really impressed and will definitely use it again, just with a different brush!


  1. Looks great :) revlon seems to be a trusted brand with most products doing what they promise. Love that it's glossy and stays put.

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


  2. Looks lovely on, I have been looking for a good high street gel liner & this looks like it could be the one :)

    Hayley @ Teapartybeauty.blogspot.co.uk



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