Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Motivation #12

This quote couldn’t be any more fitting to where I am right now. I want to go travelling more than anything, you know some people have dreams of careers, families etc. The only thing I’ve know I’ve wanted to do is travel, to see the wonders of the world. Now I have been super lucky and have travelled a bit, I’ve spent a few months in both Canada and Australia and had an amazing time. However I desperately want to see more, I want to see South America, New Zealand, Asia.... I can spend hours dreaming away time looking into possible adventures, I love checking out websites like real gap, G Adventures and Gap Year for inspiration. If I could just find a way I could be paid to travel I would be there!
I know what you’re all thinking, just go for it! I’m pretty sure all my friends and family are fed up of me talking about it but not following through with any action!
The issue I have is money! I’ll put my hands up and be honest with you all, I’m not the best at saving but I am working on it. I moved back home last year, which is not an easy feat at 27. When you’ve had your own space for so long moving back in with the rents is hard going! For starters you notice your parents have got old, which is weird! You’re also very aware that it’s not ‘your’ house. Don’t get me started on the backwards feeling, when all your friends are settling down, getting married and having babies. I must point out my parents are pretty chilled out so I can’t complain!
Back to the point of this post... I move back to the parentals with hopes of being there for a few months and saving tons. The reality is I am still pretty skint but I am saving a bit each month. Life sadly gets in the way, cars break down (a lot), and things need replacing, all resulting in large dents in the savings.
So what I mean to say, is it is hard work and it is taking time (waaaaay longer than id like) but I am determined I will be out there seeing the world and achieving my dream, and soon!
Alternatively if anyone knows a way I can travel the world for free (I am a good writer / reviewer!) please get in touch, I am open to ideas?!!


  1. Aw I hope you manage to find the cash to travel hun, I would never be able to move back home to my Rents, a weekend back home is enough for me xx

  2. Good luck with your saving :) I'm trying to save for a trip to New York next year and I know how tempting it can be to spend instead of saving the pennies :) x


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