Friday, 3 May 2013

Top 3 Fragrances

Fragrances are such an individual thing, what smells gorgeous on one of my friends can smell horrendous on me. The scents I love have also changed over the years as my tastes have altered, I used to love really musky smells but I couldn’t stand sweet smelling perfumes however my day to day one now is really sweet! Perfumes fascinate me due to the whole personal element, they can be so romantic, remind you of special occasions or of a certain special person.

I thought it would make for a nice post to tell you about my top 3 perfumes of the moment and would love you to tell me what your favorite is too!
1.            Diamonds Eau De Parfum from Next
This perfume is what I wear every day, it’s a bargain at £10 for 70ml so I don’t feel like I have to use it sparingly like my more expensive ones. When I am wearing it I often get compliments and asked what it is. It is a very sweet smell which I really like and smells very similar to Paco Rabanne Lady Million but is a fraction of the price! I think this perfume is great perfume for everyday use and it comes in a very attractive bottle and is a beautiful fragrance.
2.            Yves Saint Laurent – Elle
I received this perfume as a present at Christmas from my mum. It smells woody and spicy but sufficiently floral to sweeten it up a little and make it more feminine and I love it so much. It's very modern and not too girly and has a very "expensive" smell to it. Perfect for a sexy night out. It is fairly strong, so I tend to use it more for an evening out. The staying power is great, it lasts for hours.
3.            Giorgio Armani Code for Women
This is definitely my most favourite perfume, I absolutely love this for its floriental uniqueness right down to the sultry looking bottle. I've got several compliments when wearing it. It’s definitely a lot stronger than the other two fragrances and it is something I’d wear on a date or a night out, is say it’s way too heavy for day time wear. As it’s very strong and lasts the whole day/night so I wouldn't go over kill when applying it! Overall I love it, as it makes me feel daring and sexy in addition to feeling sweet and feminine.


  1. Code for Women is an amazing fragrance! Love it!

    PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil life

  2. I love Next perfumes and aftershaves! You really need to try freak by Illamasqua! xxx


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