Sunday, 26 May 2013

One Crazy Week: Craig David, The Wurzels, Fossil Hunting and 2 Hangovers

Sorry for the quietness on the blog the past few days, but I have been having one very crazy week! Work was pretty busy as normal (I juggle a full time job and a part time one) and on top of that I got to enjoy a few fun filled social activities, so to say I am shattered today is an understatement!
Let me talk you through it! On Tuesday night I went and saw Craig David perform in Southampton, I wouldn’t say he's normally my cup of tea but a friend really wanted to go and I’m pretty happy to tag along on any adventure! So to my surprise I actually really enjoyed it! I’d forgotten how many well known songs he’d made back in the day. He also did this incredible DJ set in the middle of his act, it was a mix of old school Mo town and R and B. Apparently his sets get played on Kiss Fm and I would fully recommend checking it out.
Friday evening I think was my highlight of the week, I headed to wimborne football grounds to watch the wurzels! This involved lots of cider and bopping around, I even managed to get a hug off one of them! See the photo of me and the old bloke below.

Me, hay bales and cider.....
As you can imagine, Saturday ended up being a bit of a write off! I haven’t really drunk much lately and I think I’m out of practice. I managed to drag myself out of my pit in time to go and watch the Hangover 3 in the evening with a couple of friends. I know, how appropriate! I love the first 2 hangover films, and this one was funny but it definitely didn’t live up to the others which was a shame. However 2 hours ogling Bradley Cooper, what more can a girl want!
To make up for wasting the day yesterday I was up and out early. I normally use Sundays as my chance for a lie in but I was out the house at 8:45am this morning which was a bit of a shock to the system. I went with a friend and her son fossil hunting for his birthday. We booked our selves onto a walk in charmouth and they show what you’re looking for and help you find them. I was useless and only found one! My friend and her son were pros and found quite a few. It was a really fun way to spend such a sunny morning and it has made me want to do more fun stuff on Sundays.

I then came home to a BBQ with my family, such a perfect finish to a mad week! I hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend, sadly I have to work tomorrow but I’m hoping the sun still stays around!
Apologies for the photos on today’s post, I am in desperate need of a new camera and have resorted to using my phone. Which seems to let me down a lot! If anyone wants to recommend an all purpose camera that would be fab??? I need one that works for blog photos but can also take on hol and is something small and easy to carry around. I’m off to Egypt in a few weeks and it’s supposed to be amazing snorkelling so tempted by waterproof cameras at the mo.....


  1. Seems that you had really good time :)
    loe to attend gigs, and who cares about hangover if you had a great time? :))

    1. Haha exactly! It was a fab night with fab friends. Just a shame as I get older I seem to feel the effects a lot more the next day! xx


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