Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review: Barry M Nail Art Pens

I suffer from severe nail art envy! I often see some fantastic designs and wish I was artistic enough to give it ago. With lots of fab products available now, I decided to embrace the trend and invested in two Barry M Nail Art Pens in Black and Silver.
Deciding on an Aztec design I went for a neutral base, painting my nails in ‘Ambitious’ by Me Me Me. As a novice I chose to use the pens on just a couple of my nails on each hand. I was really surprised by how easy the nail art pens were to use. It was just like using a normal pen and the nib created a fine line. My only issue with this product in terms of application was that I’m right handed so doing the left hand was fine, but trying to do detail on the right one with my left hand proved difficult!
The silver pen didn’t show up very well, but I think this was due to the base polish I used. I think it might look really cool on a navy or black base which I will definitely be giving a try.
I imagine the more you use this product the more confident you get and the better it looks. The only downer I have to say about these nail art pens is that it doesn’t last on your nails for very long. Within 24 hours the majority of it had rubbed off!


  1. It gets easier using your other hand, practice doing it with your other hand with a normal pen on some paper 1st :)

    Hayley @


    1. That's a great idea! Will give it a try. I'm determined to improve! xx

  2. I have looked at these pens a few times now but have never gone for it and bought them. I think I would need a bit of practice with them too but I definitely think I'll give them a go :) x

  3. I love nail art I did polka dot nails a few weeks back with the Sally Hansen nail art pen!

    Thanks for your link yesterday, mine is if you would like to stop by! xx


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