Tuesday, 8 April 2014


#TheBloggersDoItBetter Challenge was set up by Gemma over at Touch of Belle. The concept is that once a fortnight Gemma will choose a topic and everyone who is joining in with the challenge has to write a blog post based around it. The Topics are going to be based on what Gemma has read in magazines and thinks bloggers can do it better! The topics are there to give you ideas and to inspire you to post something you wouldn't normally post about! That’s the bit I am excited about, to write about topics I may not usually consider!
The first topic we have been challenged to write about is Spring! As this is my first #BloggersDoItBetter post I thought I would keep it nice and simple and give you my top 10 reasons why spring is the ultimate season, and my most favourite!
1.    Clocks go forward which equals lighter evenings and longer days. I think this is my favourite part of spring! Instead of getting home from work and wanting to snuggle under a duvet with a big bar of chocolate. I feel more energised and motivated, making the most of my evenings.
2.    Hello sun and open windows! Well okay, I live in the UK where statistically it rains something like 300 plus days of the year. However at this time of year we do get to see a few days of sunshine in a row! It really lifts people’s moods, sunshine definitely feeds my soul! We can also start opening our windows again and let the fresh air in without getting hypothermia! It’s just so refreshing, I guess spring awakens everything!
3.    Goodbye to thick coats and woolly scarves!
4.    Bike rides and adventures in the sunshine.

5.    Flowers start to spring up everywhere! So pretty and beautiful. To me it symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts.

6.    Flip Flops. This is my favourite form of footwear! So comfy and I wear them most of the year except for in the dark depths of winter. As soon as spring rocks up, the flip flops are back on my feet.
7.    Baby Lambs, they are just too cute aren’t they?! A sure fire sign spring is here.
8.    Easter, I’m not religious but a four day weekend and lots of chocolate... what’s not to love?
9.    Hot boys come out of hiding! Have you noticed that before? This time of year all the good looking boys start to reappear from where ever they disappear to over winter. This makes me very happy!
10.    The colours in spring! Everything is much more vivid, the grass is greener, and the sky is a brighter blue. Making everything look so much beautiful.
What is your favourite thing about spring? I would also love to hear from you if your also doing the #BloggersDoItBetter challenge, leave me your links below!


  1. I love lighter evenings its my fave thing about Spring too! loved reading your post :)
    zoe xx


  2. Beautiful post :) I always love the beautiful flowers in Spring and lighter mornings/evenings x


  3. lovely post! i'm also involved in the bloggers do it better challenge:-) x

    Lucy | Make Up Your Mind

  4. I love going on bike rides! and lighter evenings! great post lovely

    Gemma xxx

  5. I am so excited for flowers as well x

  6. Your photos are beautiful.


  7. Such a lovely post I LOVE Spring it's so nice xxx

  8. Haha I love number 9, very true! Agree with all of this, it's a beautiful season :)

    missisgoode.blogspot.co.uk xx

  9. I very much agree! The sun makes you feel more awake, and then jackets away and I absolutely love the summer/spring fashion! I love coming home on Mondays and taking a stroll to the park to read outside instead :) Everything comes to life <3 Great post! I am looking forwards to your other ones in this topic!

    If you have time, please check out my review on the new movie Divergent: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/04/divergent-movie-review.html

  10. This is such a good idea! I'm going have to find it tomorrow! :)


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