Monday, 14 April 2014

Motivational Monday #11

This post is slightly later than normal, mainly because I don’t have work today! I have a whole week off! Whoooop! However for the past two weeks I have been so poorly, I ache all over and I have all cold like symptoms with headaches and hot and cold sweats on top. This morning I woke up feeling pretty gutted that I still feel pretty rough, so I am off to the doctors this morning. I am determined to try and power on through and remain positive as I am hopefully off to Bristol tomorrow until Friday to hang out with some of my lovely friends and celebrate one of them recently getting engaged!
So writing this post this morning reminds more than ever of why I do these motivational Monday posts. They are to keep me positive, focused and help me a better person, even when I am feeling low they help me get perspective. So I am determined to have a happy week!
Happy Monday Lovelies!


  1. I need to feel like this right now. So tired and sleepy but the sun is making me a feel a lot better haha :) xx

  2. feel better lovely :)

  3. I love Motivational Mondays, both writing and reading them just makes you a little bit happier, doesn't it? :) Hope you feel great soon xx


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