Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nails // Miss Match Color Changing Nail Polish

I was so excited when I spotted Miss Match Mood Sensitive Color Changing Nail Polish from Urban Outfitters!
The colour I went for was Blue Melody, which shows a dark blue changing to a light blue. I was a little apprehensive as to how well it would work and if it would look ok as a nail colour for daily wear.  I have to warn you when applying this stuff stinks! It’s got a very strong chemical smell about it which is a little off putting. It also applies very thinly so needed 3 coats in order to get good coverage.
On the plus side though, it works a treat and is so much fun! In the cold it’s a light baby blue, and in heat it turns a dark navy blue. Check out this video to see its effects! Apologies for the quality of it, it was done on my phone.

If you are looking for a lovely looking good quality polish, this isn’t it but if you fancy a bit of fun this is highly recommended!


  1. aww I think these look so cool!

    Chloe // x

  2. Oh my god that's amazing, how have I never heard of this? It looks so pretty :-)


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