Sunday, 13 April 2014

The North Coast of Cornwall

Living in a small side town growing up a lot of your friends tend to move away, for work, uni etc. it pretty much sucks and means I don’t get to see as much of them as I would like, however it also means a lot of fun road trips all around the country! I have besties based in Bolton, Cornwall, London, Gloucester and that’s just for starters!
Last month I headed 3 hours down the coast to Cornwall to see my oldest (in terms of how long I’ve know her, not her age!) Jen who moved down there for uni and has never headed back! I love visiting Cornwall, it’s just such a beautiful, friendly place and I love the beaches! During this adventure we headed along the north coast and checked out a few of the gorgeous beaches and I thought id share a few of my photos with you all!
No matter where I end up in life as long as I’m near the sea I am a happy soul!



  1. Lovely picks, Gemma! Cornwall reminds me of my region, Galice, in northern Spain. The weather and beaches are very similar.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  2. This looks like the perfect little getaway - like you, I love the sea!

  3. Lovely pictures! I live in a seaside town and I can't imagine not doing so :) I've never been to Cornwall though, would love to go visit some of their beaches x

  4. What pretty photos! I grew up near the ocean (although in the US) and cannot imagine not being close to it. It makes me feel claustrophobic!

    xo Michelle

  5. Beautiful coastline! I grew up in East Yorkshire so always just a short drive away from the North Sea, but now living in Michigan even though we have so many darn lakes, I miss the sea, and the smell, and seaweed!

  6. Cornwall looks so lovely!! :)

    I feel like i need to go there now!



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