Sunday, 27 April 2014

Thailand || Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta was my favourite stop during my Thailand adventure. It’s about a four hour drive from Ao Nang and is just such a beautiful small island, it felt like we had landed in paradise.
We stayed at Lantas Lodge Resort which was a cluster if bungalows along the beach which was run by ‘the boss’ a funny little Thai man. The bungalow we stayed in was basic but lovely and clean, I would definitely stay here again.  The best part was there was a beach right in front of the bungalows and it was just so beautiful, I wish I could transport you all there as my photos just don’t do it justice. All along the beach are bars and restaurants but it never felt touristy. It felt off the beaten track and was just a great atmosphere.
Whilst staying on Koh Lanta it was my 28th birthday! So I decided a trip was in order, we booked ourselves onto the ‘4 island tour’ which was a boat trip on a long boat. The highlight of which was visiting emerald island, which when you first see looks like a giant cliff face with a cave underneath. We got to swim through the cave and inside was a secluded beach, it was breathtaking and so surreal. It felt like you were on a movie set. To finish my birthday we went to a restaurant and sat drinking cocktails on the beach, with some new friends we had made. It was such a great way to celebrate!
I am not going to lie, we did a lot of sunbathing and beer drinking whilst here, making the most of soaking in the gorgeous weather and environment. However for our final day on the island we headed to the local cookery school! Now for anyone who doesn’t know me, I am a useless cook. I am way to easily distracted which means I tend to burn everything. So I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it. My friend is a keen cook so I agreed to give it a go. We were there for three hours and made three Thai dishes (and ate them all of course). It was really enjoyable and our group was so lovely.
If one day I make it back to Thailand I will definitely make the effort to return to Koh Lanta. It really is paradise.
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  1. Looks amazing! I would absolutely love to go to Thailand. My friend just came back from 6 weeks travelling there! xx

  2. looks beautiful, hope to visit some day

  3. this looks amazing! we're looking at going to Thailand in August :) hope you had a good time

    hannah from

    p.s check out my MAC and Models Own giveway :)


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  5. Oh wow, this is something on my bucket list and hopefully my boyfriend and I will be able to get out there soon - looks beautiful!

    Thanks for sending me your link in last night's #lbloggers chat. I'm following you now! If you want to have a pop over to mine I'm at Lots of Love, Me. :)

    Can't wait to read more!

    Vicky xx

  6. This looks beyond amazing! I am so jealous! I found your blog after you sent me your link during the #lbloggers chat :) xo


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