Tuesday, 15 April 2014

DIY: Neon Animal Key Ring

I have a handful of blogs I read religiously and one of these includes The Nectar Collective which is run by the lovely Melyssa.  When I spotted that she was running ‘The Creative Collective’ I just had to get involved. It’s a year-long community building, creative program that you can hop in and out of. Melyssa has thought of 23 fun activities for us to do, that are creative yet varied so there is something for everyone! I love the whole concept, over the last year I have been determined to try new things, be more creative and enjoy myself and this project fits in perfectly with that!
The current activity is entitled ‘When pinterest comes to life’, I have a sad addiction to pinterest and my DIY board is huge! I had to decide between a few bits and bobs as to what I was going to make, so here is what I decided on…. DIY Neon Animal Key ring! Here is the original link.
What you need:
Acrylic Paint
Small plastic toy animal
Key ring
Small screw hook
Paint brush
What to do:
I started by attaching my small screw hook to the key ring chain (I purchased a pack of these off of EBay). I then had to choose what animal I was going to do, I went for a giraffe! I then screwed the hook into the back of the giraffe, which took a bit of effort!
I then started applying my acrylic paint, I went for awesome neon pink! Overall it took three coats of paint to get the correct coverage. Then leave to dry, then voila! A really funky neon key ring!
What do you think of this? Would you purchase it? I’m thinking of starting an etsy shop to sell my jewelery and was debating whether to add these key rings to? Thoughts?


  1. I love this idea of the link up. I love Pinterest also! Nice and cute project.

  2. Hi Gemma, great blog. I love this DIY, I am for sure going to try this, brilliant! I too love pinterest, I'm addicted to home decor :)

  3. Aww such a cool idea! Love this.
    So simple but effective :)


  4. What a cute and creative craft! Very cool :)


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