Sunday, 6 April 2014

First Kiss

Okay so this video has been around for a few months now and has gone viral but it is so beautiful I
just had to share it just in case anyone sees this and hasn’t come across it yet! I am feeling romantic at the moment as I went to my beautiful best friend’s wedding yesterday and it was just stunning and they are such an amazing couple. It’s got me thinking a lot about love, romance and kissing.

This video turned out to be a ploy from a fashion company but who cares as it’s such a lovely concept. It puts a massive smile on my face when I watch this, it’s lovely and intimate. I love how the majority of the couples are so coy and giggly. There is just something so special about a first kiss.

I think as a society we take for granted moments like this. They should be cherished.

What is your reaction to this video? Have you got a memorable first kiss?


  1. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE VIDEO EVER! Oh my god its so cute yes yes i love this aha! x

  2. I watched this video like 50 times ! I love it so much xx


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