Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hair SOS

I have to admit I am pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, I have been known to forget to brush it and don’t have the patience or skill to do pretty things with it. It’s either down, or scraped back into a messy bun, or on special occasions I may brush off the dust from my GHD’s and give it a straighten. However saying all that, for a long time now I have been trying to grow my hair, my dream is to have long luscious locks. This requires effort though, and means I need to sort myself out and start looking after my hair which over the past six months I have been making a concerted effort to do.

My hair is very fine, there is a lot of it, but it is fine which means it can often look limp and flat. It also tends to get just past shoulder length and start to matt. The tramp look is not one I like to sport!! The ends look all scruffy and in despair I get the chop and then I am back to square one.
Determined to break this cycle, for the past 6 months I have been trying various different products and think I may have cracked it! For the first time ever my hair is now slightly past my shoulders and is feeling sifter, looks healthy and I keep getting compliments on how my hairs looking thicker and has more bounce! RESULT!!
So here are the products I have been using to achieve the ultimate Hair SOS mission:
Lush’s Rehab Shampoo  – so this doesn’t come cheap at £17.50 for 500g but I can’t recommend it enough. It massively lathers up when you use it so you don’t need much at all. I wash my hair most days and it lasts me for about 3 months! When I think about any drugstore shampoo I previously used, I would buy every few weeks so in the long run I think I am actually saving money?!  Lush describe it as ‘A restorative shampoo packed full of ingredients that benefit the hair and scalp. We press fresh papaya, pineapple, kiwi and mango and blend the juice with strengthening, organic extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oils. A pinch of sea salt softens and seaweed helps your locks gleam. Peppermint and juniper are said to stimulate blood flow, helping to improve the scalp's condition over time’. It really as a fab shampoo and I don’t find it as heavy on my hair as most shampoos. It’s a gorgeous shampoo that has saved my over processed hair time and time again! Fruits to cleanse, oils to soften and mint to promote hair growth! You can't go wrong with Rehab!
Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner - £6.99 from boots, this really nourishes the ends of my hair and makes it so much more manageable. It's really rich and creamy and it feels like its deep conditioning your hair. I love Moroccan oil from previously using the original ‘Moroccan Oil’ brand, but cannot afford to spend £15-£30 a pop on products so this is such a great alternative!

Tangle Teezer – I love this brush so much I have ditched all my old ones and bought one of their compacts for my handbag! I think the new thickness to my hair is down to this brush as it doesn’t tear at it and is much gentler yet still a really effective brush! It detangles without any pain and leaves my hair smooth and shiny. It is the best brush I have tried ever. If you don’t have one I seriously recommend in investing in one.

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil – this can be purchased at Boots for £6.99 and I am in love with it! I did a whole review of it here. All I am going to say is LOVE!

Wella SP Resolute Lift – My hair dresser suggested this product as one to give my hair a bit of volume. You just spray it to the roots when wet and they dry and style it like normal. Over the years I have tried a billion ways to give my hair volume, I would kill for big bouffant hair but not much works or if it does it only stays put for about an hour before falling flat again. So I was so happy and surprised when this did what it said on the tin! It really gave my hair a lift and added bounce which lasted hours! Don’t get me wrong I’ve still got a long way to go before I have a 60’s bounce but it now has so much more volume than before! So if you’re unlucky like me with limp, fine hair this is definitely worth a try!
I am also now getting my hair cut regularly, every 8 to 10 weeks instead of once every 8 to 10 months, when I couldn’t get a brush through it! I’ve really noticed the results and actually think I might be able to keep growing it for once!
Do you have any healthy hair tips or go to products?

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  1. Wow! These products that you recommend sure are intriguing. I have been contemplating on buying a tangle teezer, but I don't know where to find one. I also swear by Organix products, they're really cheap yet they work so well! That Rehab shampoo also seems like a really good product!


    1. Tangle teezers are sold everywhere over here, maybe have a look online? im also giving away one in my giveaway, so make sure you enter! The rehab shampoo is amazing! has really sorted out my hair xx

  2. I have had my eye in this shampoo from lush for ages....I think you may have convinced me :)

    1. It is so good!! Its really sorted my hair out, and it smells so refreshing too! xx

  3. I LOVE tangled teezers, they are amazing! The Lush shampoo sounds so good, but I never have £17 at one time spare haha. I actually used to have incredibly damaged, bleached hair and started using coconut oil treatments overnight before I had a shower and it made such a difference. Trying not to wash your hair every day really helps as well as your hairs natural ols condition your hair. I have a post I did on growing my hair (from a bob to boob length) I hope you don't think I am link dropping but it's if you want a look :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. I am in such desperate need to get a tangle teezer! I love your purple sparkly one. Anything with sparkles catches my eyes haha! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  5. It's great that you've found products that work for you :) Rehab sounds like such a nice shampoo! xx

  6. Lovely post. I'm so lazy with my hair maybe I should take some hairspiration from you! Lol xx

  7. I love my tangle teezer, i cant live without it now!
    xprincessjas | xx

  8. I couldn't live without my Tangle Teezer, so essential!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  9. I love my Tangle Teezer - not sure what I would do without it!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

  10. Lush's Rehab has definitely been a big help to my own hair! Great post xx

  11. Looking forward to giving the Lush shampoo a go, and thinking of trying the Moroccan oil too!
    Fab post :)

  12. Thank you for sending over your link on twitter! I have really fine and flat hair too, which is harder to style than people think. Really nice set of product recommendations, the Lush shampoo sounds so nice!!! :)

    Olivia xxx Beauty from the Fjord

  13. I'm trying to get my hair into a better state and I will be sure to check out these products to do so! Pinning for future reference! :)



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