Friday, 6 June 2014

You can take the Brit abroad but....

Ok so having just come back from Thailand, whilst there I had the realization that I'm a true Brit thro and thro! Err you are British Gem I hear some of you say?! I haven't lost the plot I promise, I just mean I am very British in terms of some of my traits, and thought I'd share with you!
 I queue for things! I think it's polite to stand in line and wait your turn. I hate it when people barge in and don't wait! It seems to be something very British.

I apologize for EVERYTHING! Really, absolutely everything even when it’s not my fault or something you don’t actually have to say sorry for! What is it with that?!
I am health and safety conscious! It’s ridiculous, in Thailand I nearly had heart failure over their lack of awareness and risk taking when it comes to driving and staying next to a construction site, no one wore anyone safety gear! CRAZY!

I HEART tea... I didn't think I was really a tea lover until I go abroad and realise at home I actually drink quite a lot of tea and no where makes a good brew like the British. The Thais kept putting condensed milk in every tea I ordered!!! Bleurgh!!!

 I am actually pretty punctual, I never think I am until I go abroad. You tell me the pick up is at 10am, cool I’ll be there for 9:50am ready and waiting! Oh wait, you mean roughly 10am so quite possible you may be there 2 hours later?! Many countries I have visited are like this, I mean I’m not some regimented loony but I like to roughly know a plan and I’m not particularly a fan of waiting!

We talk about the weather ALOT, I’ve noticed most Brits abroad do this. ‘Hey I’m Gemma, from the Uk. Wow isn’t the weather fab today!’ it’s like programmed into us as a conversation starter!

 I need personal space, didn’t think I was that fussy about until I was rammed into a tiny bus for 10 people that had about 50 people wedged in/on/around it!
Sarcasm – who knew I fitted into this one?! The British sarcasm is something I love, other countries don’t seem to get it, AT ALL. I have often piped up with a sarcastic one liner think it was pretty funny, to have it fallen on deaf ears, the other person to assume I was rude, or just pure confusion!
Inability to complain and a stiff upper lip. I often been jealous of other nationalities ability to be upfront and able to complain and stand up for themselves. We Brits don’t want to seem impolite!
I get embarrassed talking about money! Making me a useless haggler! This often comes up when I abroad, when I want to buy something, tipping people etc. I think in the UK moneys one of those subjects we are just not comfortable discussing.

Can you relate to any of these? Do you have a trait I haven’t thought of?

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  1. I learned a lot reading this post! Hehe /

  2. Haha soo true! I've seen all these things since living in the UK for 10 months! And I've started doing some of these as well - does that make me british? haha
    xx Ann-Kathrin

  3. Soo trur, especially the tea and haggling! When we went to Thailand we were also very rubbish at this, it kinda fits with the politeness thing - it just seems rude!

    Sarah x

  4. Haha oh wow this was spot on! The weather thing is especially true, seems to come up in every single conversation! x


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