Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nails // Avon Speed Dry Polish in Enchanted Siren

Now I haven’t purchased anything from Avon from years, it reminds me of my Nan. It’s a brand I association with the olders in my life so it doesn’t really come across my radar. However a friend of mine recently became an ‘Avon Lady’ and handed me a brochure, of course out of kindness to my friend I promised to have a gander.
Well I was pleasantly surprised and came across a few nail polishes that caught my attention. One of them being today’s polish, its Avon Speed Dry Polish in Enchanted Siren. It is a fab mint green with pearl coloured glitter specks in it. It’s such a gorgeous shade that reminds me of mermaids and mystical creatures.
I also think it’s a great quality polish that has a nice application dress, dry’s really quickly (yey!) and is pretty long lasting! I am definitely going to give more of Avon’s products a try in the future, anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Avon have some real diamonds in that brochure! I think i will always associate it with grannies though too haha.

    Keli xx

  2. I really like Avon nail polishes, their lipsticks are lovely too :]

    Jordan xx

  3. I really like some of Avons stuff, they always have some nice jewellery too. That nail polish is a really nice colour
    Beth x


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