Monday, 30 June 2014

Motivational Monday #20

I love this quote so much! I think we can all be guilty at times of being a drain, a negative nora who sucks out the positivity and dwells on the negative. Then there are those who are bit like the death eaters in Harry Potter who suck the life out of you and manage to turn any situation into a negative light. Well my aim is to rid those people from my life, as I don’t need it staining my happiness! In general I don’t have much to complain about. My aim for this week, for life, is to be a fountain, to grow, to be positive, to flourish and spread that sort of vibe to others.
I really do believe positivity spreads positivity, and I am going to spend my week looking for the good in things rather than the bad.
Happy Monday Lovelies!


  1. Love this post! Lately I've been stuck in a rut since I've come back from NY and lost my routine that I loved so much! But this post has inspired me to get organised and get back into my routineuby doing the things I love and hopefully by the end of the week, I'll feel a lot more positive and happier and a lot more productive! Thank you.

    Toria (

  2. I love this quote :) Happy Monday!

    Xxx Hayley-Eszti

  3. This is the perfect quote for me at the minute!


  4. Love motivational posts :) I say negative nancy haha! I keep only bright positive people in my life, but then again everyone gets down from time to time and it's so important to be a good friend and to help them! I suffer from depression and anxiety and am extremely paranoid thanks to past experiences and I'm always very paranoid my friends will get fed up of my occassional panic attacks. Luckily I have great friends - and according to them I'm not a "drain" haha. I would say I'm a positive person who unforch suffers from some mental problems!


  5. Love this quote! There's no need to be a negative person, it doesn't make anyone happy and even though it's easy to accept the negative and get down, it's definitely better to try and find the positives in any situation :) Xx

    A Blonde Moment

  6. Love the quote. Motivational posts, photos, quotes are always good for staying positive!


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