Sunday, 10 November 2013

Creative Clothing Storage

18 months ago, I moved back in with my parents in order to sort out my finances and start saving and eventually go travelling. I never meant to stay this long and at 27 years old it’s a bit cringey to say I live with my parents. However I am incredibly lucky to have very laid back parents and I am now officially debt free! Whooooop! My savings however are nonexistent, so I think I’ll be here for a while yet!
When I moved back in the only space available was the loft. It’s great as it means I can escape my family when needed. We are one of those annoying very LOUD clans! We have 3 dogs and chaos and fun normally pursue. So when I need my own space I can hide away in the loft. The down sides are in the winter it’s so drafty, making it freezing. In the night you feel like you’re sleeping outside!
The other downer is the severe lack of storage. Due to the roof, it’s a slanted ceiling so a wardrobes not an option. For the first year I was happy living out of boxes as it was only meant to be a temporary housing situation. The last few months however I’ve come to accept I may be here for a while yet, so I decided I needed to unpack.
Clothing storage has been the biggest issue. It’s a small awkward space and I am a massive clothes hoarder. Hmmmm....  
Well after a lot of thinking this is what I have come up with. I have a chest of drawers for undies, pjs and tees. For my mountain of jeans, jumpers and joggers I spend a large amount of time mooching around on eBay for ideas. I ended up purchasing 4 wooden crates and putting them on their sides on top of each other. To save space I rolled up my jeans and put them in one, which looked visually good. I then folded everything else and filled the rest of the crates up. I’m really pleased with the finished look and often get complements from visitors and it’s something a bit different.

I was still left with the issue that some clothes just have to be hung up, there is no way around it. I’m lucky that I have one flat panel where the boiler is boxed in. It wouldn’t facilitate a wardrobe but using a cheap towel rail I found at IKEA I bolted it to the panel. I then did the same with another rail to the side of the first one, on a lower beam. The result is a quirky corner of hanging clothes.

I am now on a mission to find a big storage trunk to fill with all my bags, and then I think my room will be finished!
Have you got any creative clothing storage solutions?


  1. This is awesome! We have no cupboards or storage that came with the flat,, so we started with zero. This is very helpfuk, definitely be taking some inspiration and ideas!

  2. A great post! My bedroom is also in the loft and I totally agree that it can get really cold during the winter, its like sitting inside a freezer. I was thinking of moving some of the things in my room around and updating my storage, and you've got some great ideas here :) x

    1. Thanks lovely! If you have any tips on keeping a loft room warm let me know! Its been so cold the last few days xx

  3. this is such a cool, different idea! xx

  4. Great storage solution...And don't feel bad about being at home at 27, I'm in the same boat but at least you're debt free x

  5. I always find that the best way of saving space is by trying to divide your wardrobe by seasons. I have a tiny room so the best way to cope is to either just have summer or winter clothes down and the rest in the loft in those vac-pac bags!

    Hannah xx

  6. Love this idea! These look amazing.

    Hmm maybe...


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