Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Skint Diaries #3

5 sleeps till pay day... Yes it has got that bad, I am counting down the day! However I have a terrible feeling December is going to be very much like November and I am becoming a permanent resident of skintsville! By the time I’ve paid rent and bills, put a little aside for Thailand in January, purchased Christmas pressies and paid for the few xmas shindigs I hope to attend, I’m sure I will be back to square one pretty quickly!
Anyhow, back to this week! Well it’s been a very busy one, so I’ve not had much time to be creative and find new ways to earn a few pennies. However my eBay selling has gone well this week, I’ve made £60! I’m planning on sticking a ton of DVD’s on there tomorrow and I’m debating whether to sell my Cambridge satchel.
I’ve also taken on a new job, doing respite care for a friend’s foster child most Saturdays. I wasn’t sure whether to do this as I already juggle two jobs during the week so my weekends are pretty sacred to me. They are spent with friends, family and doing a little blogging. However a girls go to eat, eh?! Or in my case support my beauty product addiction!
In terms of spending I have been pretty good, I have only bought food and petrol, so the necessities. I have only had one blip, ummm.... I may have purchased a ticket to see McBusted next year! I really want to feel bad about this but I am way to flipping excited! It’s my two favourite bands from my teen years joining forces! I am completely fan girling over this! Is 27 too old to be acting like this?!
The result however is that this weekend apart from work I shall be housebound to avoid any other spending! However a Saturday night in watching the Dr Who special followed by some X Factor is pretty exciting to me!

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