Monday, 18 November 2013

Motivational Monday #33

Apologies that today’s quote isn’t in my usual motivational style. However I came across this and I love it! I can moan and complain with the best of them, I think most people can! In all honestly I can only think of two people I personally know who never moan or say a bad word. They are genuinely so lovely and just don’t have a negative bone in their bodies.
I would love to be like them, I really would. As you know if you’re a regular reader of my Monday posts, I’m really trying hard to be a more positive person. However, I can’t quite kick my moaning and complaining habit. Yes, I truly believe it’s just a bad habit and if I put my mind to it I could stop it.
Therefore I am going to accept the challenge in today’s post. For the next 24 hours I WILL NOT complain once. If anything grates on me I will try to see the positives, if I can’t do that I will just keep my trap shut!
Anyone else willing to accept this challenge with me?


  1. This sounds like a great idea, I definitely should take this on board xx

  2. This is actually such a good idea! I've defo moaned quite a bit today lol, hope you did better than me!! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

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  3. Such a lovely quote. Sounds like a great idea :)

  4. Such a fabulous idea! I know personally all of my negative feelings are built up by complaining and it doesn't fix anything :) I'll try my best to take this on board! Thanks for sharing and for sending me your link!


  5. This is a fab idea. I tried it out today and it went quite well. Feeling positive, in spite of facing internet trolls! How has your day been?

    Thanks for sending me your link via Twitter

    Roxilicious82 @ Simply Roxilicious!

    1. Oh no hope your ok, internets trolls are just nasty. I actually did suprisingly well today! I didn't moan once! There was a couple of times where I could of but gave myself a talking to! Feel so much better for, gonna see if I can get to Friday now! I want to kill the negativity! xx


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