Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ambiance Volumizing Dry Shampoo*

As someone who’s unlucky with fine, limp hair, the discovery dry shampoo has been a total godsend. Apart from ridding the grease from my locks it is also amazing for adding a bit of volume and lift.
When the lovely people at Ambiance sent me their volumizing dry shampoo I was intrigued to see how it works, as instead of your usual dry shampoo in an aerosol can it was a powder with a brush. The powder is attached to the brush, so when you tip it the powder comes out through the brush.
To use this product you just dab the brush directly onto your scalp and I then used my fingers to blend in. I did learn pretty quickly that you have to tilt the powder so slowly as it flies out pretty fast otherwise!
The powder is brown, you can get different shades to go with your own hair colour. I really liked this, as you don’t end up with a ton of white residue like other dry shampoos, so you’re not trying to rub it in as much!
Overall I felt that it really refreshed my hair and soaked up the grease leaving my hair feeling pretty great. Also I fully recommend this product for the volumizing aspect alone! It really lifted my roots, giving it a bit of bounce which is a rare occurrence for my hair!
Although the application process is a bit tricky and not as easy as a spray can, I will definitely be purchasing this product as the end results are definitely worth it.


  1. This sounds good and so much easier for a brunette without getting white hair! Plus if it helps thin hair which I've never used dry shampoo for that's a life saver!

  2. i thought this was just some poder, bronzer product :O im actually interested in this. anything that says volume screams my name


  3. Love the idea that it comes in hair colours, no matter how much I brush or shake my head after dry shampoo application-I always end up with a full on grey haired head! Great review! L xo

  4. This looks amazing and I love the fact their are different colours plus it looks more fun to use than an aerosol
    Beth x

  5. Oh wow, this looks different and intriguing, I'm definitely going to have to check this out as I also have annoying flat and limp hair!
    G x

  6. Ooooh a brush application is something I haven't seen before!! How novel :) this sounds really good, it looks like we have a similar hair type so it would probably work for me too xxx

  7. I love the packaging - never seen anything like it before! Definitely want to try this, my hair feels so flat at the minute! x



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