Sunday, 20 July 2014

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes


If I was only allowed to use one piece of makeup ever again it would have to be mascara or anything to enhance my lashes! I love good looking lashes so was beyond excited when Nichole from Younique sent me their ‘Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes’ to try!
Youniques’ Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is meant to add thickness and volume to your lashes while still looking completely real and natural. I’ve seen a few reviews online already for this product and was impressed by the results but was keen to see myself if it actually works. I love the packaging, it comes in a smart quilted black case. Inside is what looks like two tubes of mascara, one is the Transplanting Gel and the other is the Fibers.
So to apply, you need to apply a thin coat of your of your usual mascara and then let it dry. You then apply a thin coat of Transplanting Gel onto your lashes. Then you need to immediately, before the gel dries, apply the fibers onto the lashes. Finally you seal the fibers with another coat of the Transplanting Gel.

At first look I thought the application was going to be a bit fiddly and a bit of a pain, but it’s actually quite easy to use. The fibers reminded me of little bits of black fluff but once coated on your lashes it loses that look and smoothes into the lashes quite nicely. I was worried it would look clumpy but when you use the Transplanting Gel, the brush allows you to remove any lumps and create the look you want.
The results, as you can see in the photos, are incredible! I normally use Benefits They’re Real Mascara which I adore as I think that adds length and volume to my eye lashes so was interested if the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes would have much of an effect. Well check them out, I am so happy with the results, they have doubled and look fab! They look so much like false lashes, but are so much better as you don't run the risk of them falling off half way through the night and looking like you have a spider crawling across your face!
I was curious to see how long they would last, whether they would wilt and drop after a couple of hours or not. I applied the fiber lashes first thing in the morning and they were still looking great at the end of the day, which is more than I can say for most mascaras I use! I am going to be using this product a lot, especially on nights out when I want to make a statement!
Youniques’ Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes are not currently available in the UK but are heading this way in the autumn! If you’d like to know more can subscribe to Nicholes mailing list via her facebook page and you can also check out her website for more information. I can’t wait for it to head to these shores so I can see what other magical products they have!  


  1. WOW the lashes look absolutely amazing xxx

  2. They look great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. mascara would too have to be my 'one' product I'd forever sack up on, and I do love these lashes too!


  4. Look like a great mascara for achieving the long lashes, would definitely check it out

    Katrina Sophia

  5. These look great! Really maxes out your eyelash volume. I don't know if it's something I would really spend my money on though, I'd rather get a really good mascara :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  6. NEED this in my life, my eyelashes are always a nightmare!

    Jess | Jessica Mal

  7. Wow your lashes look great! What a difference!


  8. This looks like a fab mascara!! I have never heard of it before this post but now i'm intrigued.

    Could you possibly check my blog out too?
    Chloe // x

  9. Oh my goodness this mascara gives crazy length! My sad short lashes could use the help!!

    Jenny @ Geeky Posh


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