Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to apply the perfect fake tan!

Over the years I have been the key example of how not to fake tan! There has been many a time where I’ve managed to look as orange as an oompa lompa, covered in dodgy streaks and let’s not forget the awesome orange stained hands look! I am the queen of the dodgy fake tan!
I like to think over the years I have finally managed to master the application of fake tan, I think the key thing to remember is don’t use your hands! A fake tan toolkit is key, I thoroughly recommend that you all go and buy yourself a mitt now! This point has been emphasised to me recently when I was kindly sent a few Velvotan self tanning tools by the lovely folk at Hampton Brands (check out their facebook page, they often have fab beauty giveaways!) which has just increased my confidence when applying the tan!
Now I’m not a fake tan addict like some but I do like to have some on during the summer on nights out and events. I don’t want to be stood there looking like a polar bear next to all my mates now! So today’s post is all about how to look like a shimmering sun goddess...
Up first, skin prep is key! You need to make sure you exfoliate and have skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom! I make sure I shave my legs and then I use Velvotans Body Polishing Sponge which helps remove any dead skin. You just need to use a bit of shower gel and warm water and use it as you would a normal sponge. Easy!

When I’m completely dry I then start applying the tan. My current fave is Rimmel London’s Sun Shimmer Instant Tan, which is a wash off tan and is also water resistant, I use their medium shade. I have been using rimmels instant wash off tan range for a few years now and it’s perfect. It’s just the right shade for my skin tone and I like the consistency of it. It doesn’t streak or run and lasts until you next shower.

Now as I’ve said before I use a body mitt to apply all over, it is so much better than using your hands as it gives you a much more even application. I then use the Velvotan Self Tan Back Applicator, which has been a life saver, making those hard to reach areas not so impossible to reach! After my body has an even coat I then focus on my face. I don’t know about anyone else but this is the bit I hate the most! If you get it right you look a sun kissed beauty, get it wrong and you look like you’ve had a fight with a wotsit! Not an attractive look and not one I wish to sport. However lately I’ve been trying out the Velvotan Face Mitt (it is so tiny and cute!) which makes it so much easier to apply and less risk of getting it wrong!
Tadah! I am then ready for a night out with the girls, a bronzed Adonis!
What are your tips for getting the perfect fake tan?


  1. Great post! I am so pale and whenever I apply fake tan it looks so un natural and streaky, will be using your tips! xxx

    1. I used to have that problem but have learnt that if you apply well it should be fine! xx

  2. Lovely post, im such a tannaholic!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Me too! If I don't fake it id look like a polar bear! xx

  3. such a good post! i still feel like a bit of a tan novice

    from helen at

    ps. you can win a cute Dahlia trench in my little giveaway! click here.

  4. Great post :) I've finally found a tanner I like which doesn't streak (Cocoa Brown) but before then I really could have done with your tips, I've had some serious tan disasters xx

  5. Very helpful hun, I love the instant wash off tans they are great xxx

  6. This is a great post! I am absolutely RUBBISH at applying fake tan, so much so that when I got asked in an interview what I'm bad at that this was my answer. I even included a story about getting it all over the bath instead of myself and staining it. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Wow I really need a back applicator! Then I wouldn't have to ask the Bf too.

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