Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Top Christmas Movies...

My Favorite part of the build up to Christmas is watching as many Christmas films as humanly possible! I absolutely adore them and their feel good spirit! It really gets me excited and counting down to the big day its self! So I thought I would share with you lovelies my top six (I tried to make this 5 as I thought it sounded a better number but just couldn’t cut it down!) all time favorite Christmas films!

 Santa Clause the Movie – it has to be the old one not the new one! We watched this every Christmas Eve growing up and it was a fab tradition that we still stick to now!

Love Actually – this one reminds me of my mum and sister who are also huge fans of this film! Definitely one to get the Christmas spirit flowing, who doesn’t love a film with Hugh Grant in it!

Miracle of 34th street – who doesn’t love this film?! Richard Attenborough is the perfect Father Christmas who gets the little girl believing.

 It’s a Wonderful Life – this is my all time favorite movie let alone Christmas movie! It is just such a lovely heartwarming film and never fails to make me feel all gooey inside!

 The Polar Express – this one melts my cold stone heart every time! Its true Christmas magic! It is just too cute!

Elf – for a laugh a minute you need to watch this film!! I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan of Will Ferrell I find him massively annoying in most films but this is a massive exception! As buddy the elf he is hilarious and cute, love it!

What Christmas movies get you in the Christmas spirit? would love some new recommendations!


  1. Definitely agree with 1 and 3!
    Also love The Snowman and Father Christmas-the Raymond Briggs adaptations-I watched the latter with year 2 on Friday- Happy Bloomin' Christmas! X

  2. It isn't christmas without The Polar Express, ELF and Love Actually xo

  3. I love Miracle on 34th Street, The Polar Express and Santa Clause The Movie. Its law, that you have to watch at least one of these at Christmas time.


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