Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Woodland #DICraftSwap

Over the past year I’ve really fallen in love with crafting, and just generally being creative again. I don’t think I ever really feel out of love with it, I think life just got in the way and I didn’t really make time for it. That’s all changed lately and I am so glad to be back making things and having fun with craft. So when I found out about Hannahs #DICraftSwap I just couldn’t resist signing up!

Each month she announces a new theme for the swap and then Hannah emails you the person you are sending to, the person you are sending to is not the person you are receiving from. It’s up to you if you want to reveal yourself. Each parcel must include at least one handmade item and one bought gift with the min. value of £3. Spending and making more is entirely up to you.

October’s theme was woodland! I was pretty excited by this as thoughts of leaves, winter walks and woodland fairies started to fill my mind! I was given the lovely Louisa who blogs over at ‘Luthaisea’s Kit’ to create something for!

We are all asked a few questions on the theme and that is sent to whoever is making for you. In Louisa’s, she said her favourite woodland animal is a hedgehog so I decided to make her a hedgehog plushie door hanger. I am so happy with how the little guy turned out!

In the information I was sent about Louisa she said that when she thinks of woodland she thinks of Sunlight lancing through trees, now I love tea lights in jars and started playing with some colourful leaves I had in my craft box. Using some Mod Podge I stuck the leaves around the jar so when the tea light was lit inside the jar the light would shine through the leaves! I was pretty chuffed about my logic on this one and even happier with the result, if I am allowed to say that?!

The final thing I made was a floral crown, woodland reminded me so much of fairytales, mystical creatures and magic. So I thought it would be fun to add this to my package! I make quite a few floral crowns which tend to be filled with huge bright flowers, I wasn’t sure if that would be Louisa’s style so decided to go for a dainty white flower instead. I wish I had a better picture to show you!

Louisa is also a huge fan of Scotland and all things Scottish so I added some tartan material and a thistle necklace which I placed a woodland printed tin. I had so much fun crafting all my pieces and getting my package ready! A few days after I sent off my parcel to Louisa I then received my own in the post!

The gorgeous Jenny who blogs over at Pretty Column had me and I felt thoroughly spoilt when I opened my package! Check out my new buddies...

Jenny had crocheted this fabulous fox and to accompany Mr Fox was this adorable hedgehog. They are both placed on a shelf above my desk looking very cute! I was also sent these great mushroom candles which I have placed above my fireplace. I am not sure I will light them as I like them too much!

Finally I also received this lovely woodland themed pencil case. My bag is ridiculous, I have about 27 pens floating around the bottom of it but can never find one when I need it! So I had great fun pulling them all out and popping them into my shiny new pencil case, I actually feel organised!

Massive thank you to Jenny for such lovely treats and to Hannah for organising this! If you are interested in craft swaps then I really recommend popping over to Dainty and Ivory to sign up. The theme for the next swap is Christmas!!

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