Saturday, 9 March 2013

Face Time

My skin can be pretty skank at this time of year. I suffer from eczema, which sometimes flares up on my cheeks resulting in them looking pretty red and / or dry. I can also get some pretty major blemish breakouts on my chin. I went for years only getting one spot flare up when I was due on my period.  That, I could cope with, now? My chin resembles hormonal 15 year olds. Apparently spots on your chin and mouth area mean you’re not vocalising your emotions. I also read that in Chinese medicine it’s a sign your ovaries have gone into over drive. Either way none of this equals a good look!

This also means I have a bit of a nightmare trying to find products that
a)      Don’t make my eczema worse

b)      Doesn’t highlight my dry skin

c)       Cover angry red spots

d)      Doesn’t clog up or look too heavy on my skin
This is no easy task I can tell you! I feel like I have tried every product going.
I now think my prayers have been answered! I went on holiday to New York in January, and whilst browsing in Macys I was chatting to the assistant at the Clinique counter who recommended Clinique’s Age Defence BB Cream.
I’ve now been using it for 2 months and I love it! I only like a natural coverage, so am conscious of colour and only use a small amount, but I needn’t have worried with this product. It’s a great match to my skin tone and a little seems to go a long way. It covers evenly and doesn’t feel heavy. It’s also moisturising so doesn’t highlight and dry patches.
Clinique Age Defence BB Cream Shade 02
To cover up my break outs I use MAC studio finish concealer, this stuff is like industrial wall paint, it’s awesome! It covers up the red and stays put all day. It applies really nicely and doesn’t look like you’re caked in the stuff. After I apply concealer, I then apply the Clinique BB Cream next to my whole face and these products seem to complement each other well.
To sum it up I now get people commenting on what great skin I have which is such a confidence boost! I would love to hear from others with skin problems on what products they would recommend.

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  1. Wow, that product's new to me, so thanks for posting about it! :) Hopefully I could save up enough to buy one--it's pretty pricey here in the Philippines! :(

    I love Clinique's skincare products though, especially the Dramatically Different moisturiser. My skin stays dewy and fresh all day!

    Will come back to this lovely blog.


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