Monday, 4 March 2013

Motivational Monday! #6

I cant believe Its the first Monday in March!! This year has flown by so far its scary, however I do love March. Its when you start to see the first signs of Spring and Winter is finaly fading into the distance. I am 99% sure I suffer from the winter blues, I love snow but appart from that I cant stand the short days. I work 9am-6pm most days and dont feel like I see any Sun light. Then dont get me started on the cold wet days! I am huge believer that Sunshine is good for the soul, and im excited to see the days slowly getting longer. Roll on Summer!

I found this quote the other day and feel that it sums up me perfectly! I have desperate desire to travel, I am just useless at saving but am slowly starting to sort myself out. I spend 80% of my spare time reading and the other 20% writing. Drinking Tea is just a given! This Monday's Motivational quote is to spur me on to get where I want to be, it is the life I want to lead and I WILL get there!

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