Saturday, 2 March 2013


This blog began with the idea to write about my love of makeup and I know lately I’ve drifted slightly. Partly due to my need to have a rant about other things and partly due to severe lack of funds. This has meant that I have been avoiding anywhere anything that could tempt me purchasing any new products. This has been hard as I love to write reviews on new bits and pieces as they come out. I’ve even been avoiding reading other blogs, as I would get envious of others trying out stuff before I can. Sad, eh?!
I was doing quite well with this until this past week. I am sure I developed a weird twitch and was having a bit of a stressful time (anyone else good at making up excuses for themselves or just me?). Therefore I just HAD to ‘treat’ myself to a few new bits and bobs that I’ve had my eye on and could resist no longer!
Anyway my excuse is that I can now review it for all my lovely readers. That’s a good enough excuse, right?! So keep an eye out over the next few days for some new posts.....

The results of my splurge!

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