Friday, 22 March 2013

Book Club: Jenny Lopez has a bad week by Lindsey Kelk

The Blurb
Jenny Lopez is miserable. Having spent the summer working in LA, she’s back home in New York, and missing the three key elements in a girl’s life — a roommate, a job and a boyfriend. Jenny formulates a plan; surely someone must need a roommate and surely someone must need a girlfriend? By the end of the day, she has arranged a viewing for a potential roommate, the gay blond aka Stefan the Swede, secured two dates, and work looking after a top supermodel. Things look like they are back on track; everything is going to work out great. If only life was so easy!

The Review
I am a massive, massive, fan of Lindsey Kelks I heart books and when I heard about this little number I just couldn’t wait to read it. If your familiar with the I heart series you will know that Jenny Lopez is a sub character in the books, and is the main character Angela’s best friend. She is a character that’s full of fun and most definitely entertaining.
I was intrigued to see how she would be as the lead in her own story. This is only a short story, a mere 82 pages and took me just under an hour to read. I found the book funny and was actually quite sad when it came to an end as I wanted to carry on with her life’s journey. Jenny could easily carry a full length novel if Lindsey was up for writing it, and I’d definitely be reading it. On the whole the story is nice and light hearted and funny, great characters I wanted to know more about and it wasn’t too predictable.
On the flip side my only criticism would be that as a huge Angela fan I found it hard that she wasn’t the focal point also ended a little abruptly for my liking as I still wanted more, but perhaps that’s because I’m not adapt to reading many short stories, who knows!
Fab little short story to entertain you for a few hours.


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