Sunday, 10 March 2013

How do you store your makeup?

Lately I have seen a number of posts on other blogs all about where and how people stash their makeup and thought id follow suit! Some of the posts I have seen show these amazing work stations and I’m seriously impressed with the organisation these people have! Yes I am jealous! I think I am the most unorganised person you could meet and my storage probably highlights this, but hey ho, it works for me!
I section my make up into three parts. First up is my awesome big dinosaur mug which I purchased from Urban Outfitters and I love it! It stores all my brushes, glosses and liners.

Then in my Lady Bird Books makeup bag (purchased from Amazon) is my creams, eye shadows, blushers etc. The mug and case both contain all my everyday items, so everything else, such as makeup I use on nights out etc, all go into the large woven box.

It’s not as glam and organised as other bloggers but it works for me and suits my style!
Would love to know how you guys store your makeup?


  1. Thank you!! I'm obsessed with all things Dinosaur! xx

  2. I store all my brushes in a mug like you and the rest of my make-up is in a vanity case. I really ought to be more organised :-)


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