Monday, 18 March 2013

Motivational Monday Inspiration.... #8

I don't know whether I am getting older, wiser or just less patient but over the last year I have come to the realisation that I don't want people in my life that are like the death eaters from Harry Potter and just suck the life out of you! I think for a long time, people would think I was a bit of a mug as id go out my way to help people, and I think that may have been to satisfy my need for people to like me. But now I don't want or need to be a walk over, people who would abuse my good nature aren't a real friend of mine. I am slowly cutting off people who don't see friendship as a two way street. I deserve better than that. Therefore this quote is perfect, I want to surround myself by people I respect and love, people who inspire me to be the best I can be. Since I have had this realisation I am feeling more confident and positive and do you know what? that feels great!

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