Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bare Minerals

I have been trying to be really good when it comes to spending money lately but that all went a little to pot last weekend when I went to Bristol to visit some friends and it inevitable included a shopping trip.

One of my friends wanted some new foundation so I found myself standing at the Bare Minerals counter whilst she was fussed over by the assistant. Living in a small town, nowhere near by sells Bare Minerals so although I was aware of the brand I hadn’t used any of their products. I have to say I was impressed with the foundation powder my friend purchased, it was very light, provided great coverage and looked very natural. It’s definitely something I am going to keep in mind for when my foundation needs replacing!
Any way I have now trailed off from the point I was trying to make! Back to the story... whilst waiting for my friend I was browsing all the products and came across their eye shadows, all of which seemed to have a gorgeous shimmer to them. I like to stick to what I know when it comes to colour, when I buy eye shadows and always go for browns or gold’s, I know this colour suits my eye colour and is natural looking for me. The colour that jumped out at me was called ‘drama’ it is a gorgeous brown shimmer.
It was a little pricey at £14, however the only eye shadow I usually use is MAC which is around this price as well. I am happy to buy the bargain price products but have found when it comes to eye shadow the higher the price the better quality the product is and doesn’t crease and disappear as the day goes on.  
(Eeeeek! Lack of sleep equals bad bags!)
I have been using this product for a few days now and I’m really impressed, you only need a little bit of the powder and it seems to go a long way, so even though it’s expensive it will last for quite a while. It doesn’t leave loose powder everywhere and goes on well to the eye lid. My only issue with this product is that when tested on my hand it looks lovely and shimmery however on my eye lids it’s not quite the same for some reason, which you can see from the photos.


  1. love bare minerals make-up..i use the bronzing powder and its brilliant! x

    1. Ooh ill have to give that ago! Might be my next pay day treat! ive def been converted to the brand! xx


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