Friday, 1 March 2013

Pinch and a Punch / Feeling Grateful....

Happy First of March! Sorry for the confusing title to this post but all will become clear... Does anyone else feel this year is flying by way too quickly? I feel like I’ve blinked once and gone from Christmas to today without a clue what’s happened in between. I hate that feeling! I want to soak up what life has to offer but when weeks go by so fast and you get drowned in work and everyday life I worry I sometimes forget to stop and enjoy and appreciate things.

I worry, and yes I am a worrier, that I am going to miss out on things that life takes over and this has been bothering me for a little while. I have so many things I want to do and I worry that you can get so caught up in the general rat race you forget to aside the time to focus on yourself, and I have noticed lately that I am turning into a bit of a grump sometimes. Dear lord help me if I turn into my dad, the king of grumpy!

So I have decided that as of today, I am going to spend a few moments at the end of each day to stop, think and write down one thing I am grateful for that day. YES I know I sound like Pollyanna, but I’m starting to think she was onto something, plus that film always makes me cry when she falls out of the tree. Even if I’ve had the most horrendous day I will enter one thing I am grateful for. I am determined to be more positive and appreciate things more. This is going to be my way of doing that, because sometimes everyone needs a little reminder that life pretty alright.

This is the notebook I am going to use to list all the things I am grateful. Some friends went on holiday a while back and returned with this Che Guevara notebook for me and it makes me smile, so I figured this would be a lovely way to put it use.

I have been thinking most of the day what my first entry may be. It wasn’t till this evening when I was sat watching this amazing film on BBC 1 that I knew what I am most grateful for today. The film was by Richard Curtis for Red Nose Day and was called Mary and Martha, if you missed it please drop what you’re doing and go watch it on BBC I Player. Its purpose was to raise the issue of Malaria, and it sure did that, I was a blubbing mess by the end. I won’t tell you what happens, I would rather you watched it for yourselves.

Any way from watching this incredibly emotive, inspiring piece, the thing I am most grateful for today is that I love in a country with great medical care that’s easy to access and free.


I won’t bore you all with daily updates on what I am grateful for as I think this is going to a nice personal project, with the aim to make me more positive and appreciative of what life has to offer no matter how big or small.  I will do a monthly update with the highlights and how I am going sticking to this.


  1. From one worrier to another this seems like a great idea! It's so easy to forget everything positive and just focus on negatives!
    Great post..


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