Thursday, 20 February 2014

Confession: I am 28 and addicted to Teen Dramas

Ok so I am 28, when I was younger I thought that by 28 I'd have a ton of kids, be married just in general be a proper grown up even possible indulge in things like gardening. Back in the day 28 used to seem old, like super old. Instead I'm nowhere near that, I'm a 28 year old who loves fashion, makeup, catching up with my fab friends and behind closed doors I have a dirty little secret. I am obsessed with teen dramas... The vampire diaries, pretty little liars, revenge... I am hooked!

It all started many years ago when I started watching Dawsons Creek, I was completely in love with Pacey and I was hooked on the show. When it guttingly came to an end, I thanked my lucky stars when next came The OC. Since those early days my love of Teen Drama Series just grew. I love the fashion, the love dramas, the cute boys, the friendships, I adore it all! My friends all watch the soaps or those ITV crime series that are always popping up. That just isn’t my cup of tea! I don’t want to waste my free time, my me time, on serious programmes, the soaps are just so depressing! I want to be swept away to shiny places, to indulge in a bit of fun viewing.

Now my question to you all is it ok for a 28 year old to like these shows? Is there like an age limit? Or do I just need to grow up? My view on it is people like all sorts and for a few hours each week it provides a fun bit of escapism. I LOVE

what’s your TV addiction? Is there anything you do that you may be classed as too old for? Do you have any programmes along these you can recommend me??


  1. 32 and up until Skins ended I watched that all throughout my late twenties and as far as I know that was aimed at teens. As sad as it sounds I am now considering watching The Girls and I have even watched a series of The Carrie Diaries (now that is aimed at teens but my excuse is the fact that I liked Sex & The City so I like to see where all the girls started out...after all, how you gonna understand The Carrie Diaries if you never saw Sex & The City?) lol no, youre not alone xx

  2. I love PLL! I've been looking for someone who watches it to talk a out it with! They're dragging it out though and I really want to find out everything already!
    You should watch the mindy project! It's hilarious!

    I watch too much tv. If you need anymore recommendations I'm your girl. I probably spend more time watching tv than studying...

  3. I miss watching series like that! Should start again! xx


  4. Nothing wrong with that. It's a lot more credible than me. I'm 28 and my guilty pleasure is TOWIE and Made in Chelsea! I just like looking at well groomed pretty people!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  5. I'm hooked on pretty little liars! Even my mum loves it so I guess there's no age limit at all haha.
    ox Lucy

  6. Not gonna lie.. The oc is onenof the best shows ever and so is gossip girl! I love my teen dramas but i like the gritty stuff too (dexter, breaking bad) theres no shame in it haha.. Im waiting for the next best teen drama x

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'


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