Friday, 14 February 2014

Dear future husband......

In the spirit of Valentines day and all that it encompasses I give you todays post! I could take the bitter single girl approach to it but valentines day actually encompasses for me all the hope and excitement of the unknown and what my future love life could hold. I am a hopeless romantic, I do think there is someone out there for everyone. This may be due to watching way to many Disney films as a child! Any hows I really wanted to share this awesome you tube video with you on the most romantic day of the year...

This is my IDEAL wedding proposal!! OK so I admit I may watch proposal videos on You Tube, but before you get any ideas I'm not some Bridget Jones type, sat at home with a big tub of ice cream, crying into my bucket of wine about how miserable it is to be single. That is just not me! Yes it would be nice to meet a guy but right now I'm no rush to go out of my way to find him! As I said before I am just a big gooball of gushy romanticness and love a good proposal!

Anyway, back to the point! This is my IDEAL wedding proposal! Its so much fun! The proposals pretty awesome and is a complete surprise which is ace! However I think my favourite part is (Please watch video before you continue to read!!) that the wedding is part of it, they do it there and then!This is why i love it!! Its often said that many women plan there wedding from childhood and want the whole full fairytale massive white meringue dream. I am not one of them, yes I do know what kind of dress I want, something very simple, a boho chic kind of style.... That being said, I HATE being the focus of everyone attentions and I am completely useless when it comes to planning and organising. I am the ultimate of last minute panic to pull things together when it comes to just about anything! So the thought of planning my wedding fills me with fear, I think I would just feel responsible for making sure the guests were having a good time and forgot the purpose of why we were all together in the first place. Too much pressure for my little brain!

I often watch 'Dont Tell The Bride' with my friends and they often cringe and say there is no way they would let their boyfriends plan their big day, I watch it and think how great it would be! But this video encompasses it perfectly for me. If I'm head over heels, I can be pretty impulsive and wouldn't want a long engagement, so to follow up the proposal with a surprise wedding would be perfect!

For the record, in case this is to occur, please make sure the wedding is a simple pretty wedding, lots of fairy lights and candles, filled with only close family and friends followed by a good party after!

Er so now I gues I need to find my man... if anyone knows any hot, funny single males send them my way!


  1. I love a good proposal video too! I've watched a countless number of them on Youtube and this is by the craziest one I've seen! It's so well planned and thought out, I love it. I also love the idea behind Don't Tell the Bride and would love for my future husband to plan the wedding, as long as I got to pick the dress. I hate that weddings are always called 'her big day' which makes it sound like the man doesn't care as much, and I think Don't Tell the Bride is a great way at getting the man involved! And the weddings the guys do are so outside the traditional box, I think it's great!


  2. this is just amaaaazing thanks for sharing it, I loves it!!!
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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