Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nails || Models Own Hyper Gel Polish in Lilac Sheen

Lately I have heard tons about Models Own Hyper Gel Nail Varnish and have been very tempted by them so when they recently have a 50% off sale on their website I just HAD to make a purchase! Er ok that’s not strictly true... I bought a one hyper gel set as well as a couple of sets and numerous brushes! Whooops!
Today’s nails are Models Own Hyper Gel Nail Varnish in Lilac Sheen. I am in LOVE with this colour!! It’s just too gorgeous! This is one of the best gel polishes I have ever used, I’ve been wearing it for over a week now and it still in one piece, no chips, still shiny! I keep getting asked where I got my nails done, the ultimate compliment!
Have you tried any of the Hyper Gel shades?


  1. I saw that 50% sale and debated and debated but didnt get an order in...gutted now after seeing your post. May just have to place an order for a couple of these hypergels anyway. Brill post x

  2. I hear the 50% sale is back on so I might have to order, I've heard so many good things and your nails look amazing!

  3. I also bought a few hypergels, they are good!

    I bought the light blue, the teal and the peach.

    The lilac looks lovely though :)

  4. Your nails look great, this is such a lovely colour! xx

  5. i get my nails to a certain length then they snap i need to invest in some good varnish!!! colour is lovely BTW :)

  6. lovely post, I want to give this a go and I think they have a scented range too. the colour is beautiful. x

  7. Gorgeous shade!! + your nails look great, very professional-looking. The colour really compliments your skin tone :)
    L xo

  8. I really want to try out these nail polishes! I love Lilac nails :) xx

  9. Such a gorgeous shade!



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