Friday, 3 October 2014

I&K Clip in Hair Extensions from Hairtrade

I want long hair. I am desperately trying to grow it but it seems to be having a pit stop just below my shoulders, grr!!! So hair extensions are a very happy resolution for girls like me who are desperate for a bit of length. They are fun to use and you can create some amazing looks with them.
When I was given the opportunity by Hairtrade to try some of their extensions I was beyond excited! I decided to go for the I&K Clip in Straight Hair, the chocolatebrown shade and 22” long. This is roughly how long, in a dream world, I would like my hair to be!
I&K Clip in hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair extensions, each extension has a decent amount of hair on and the clips are good quality that attach closely to the root to make them look as natural as possible. I received 10 clips in pieces with 18 clips attached, plus 2 pieces without clips which I would class as a full set of hair. However I do have fine hair so I think if you had thick hair you may need to sets.
My current hair do...
It is that awkward in between length that hangs just below my shoulders and the colour is dark brown with blonde streaks around the front that frames my face. I was a little worried that with the blonde bits the extensions would stand out like a sore thumb. However I was really chuffed as the extensions match my natural dark brown colour spot on! I couldn’t believe how well it’s matched!
How to attach them...
These extensions arrived with the clips already attached! Wahooo! I have had extensions before where you have to sew on the clips which aren’t fun. I found these extensions really easy to apply. I started applying the larger extensions to the lower level of my head and worked my way upwards, layering them with my natural hair. I then added the single strips where there were gaps. You just slide the clips in. I tend to back comb the area I want the clips to go and use a little hair spray. I find this helps keep them in place, we don’t want clumps of my hair falling out and freaking everyone out!
This set costs £72.99 which is a great price for natural hair extensions. These are fantastic quality and I have seen them for a lot higher price elsewhere so think this is a bit of a bargain to be honest.
Overall I am really pleased with this set of extensions and they will definitely be making regular appearances! I’ve been playing around with up dos and plaits. All look so much better with a bit more hair! I completely LOVE the way these look up or down! The bonus of these being made from 100% real human hair is that it can be cut, coloured, straightened and curled.

What do you think? Do you wear hair extensions?

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