Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Nails // Soigne Botanique in Cerise

Who doesn’t love a red nail? It’s such a classic that suits everyone. This particular colour is a cherry red and I adore it, it’s such a perfect colour for this time of year and adds a bit of colour to the day. This polish is by Soigné Botanique and is called Cerise, I received it a good few months ago now in a birchbox. I’m a little surprised I haven’t blogged about this sooner as it’s a fab product!
Firstly how cute and sophisticated is the bottle?! It reminds me of channel. Secondly it applies so well, the brush is easy to use and I only needed two coats. Thirdly the colour is so dreamy! It lasts for quite a while and is hard to chip, which for someone like me who is constantly trashing their nails is a life saver. I am definitely going to be trying out more of this range in the future!

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  1. That's such a cute bottle and red nails are a classic anytime of year xxx

    Blonde of Carbs


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