Monday, 13 October 2014

Motivational Monday #31

Who else out there is amazing at making excuses for not going after their dreams?!
I am terrible guilty of this one! I dream of being a successful novelist, of people actually buying the jewellery I make and of travelling the world. My top excuses for not doing any of this goes as follows...
1.    I have no money
2.    What if I’m terrible at it
3.    What if people take the piss
4.    Lack of time
5.    Fear of the unknown
All of these excuses, and yes I know they are lame excuses, can easily be eradicated. I just need a bit more self confidence, better time management skills and a big kick up the bum to just get on with it instead of constantly procrastinating about it!
I really do believe we are capable of achieving our dreams no matter how big or small they may be. We really can astound ourselves of how capable we all actually are!
What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?


  1. At the moment, it would be similar to yours I think - lack of money and time, mostly! Still, i've been making sure lately to put some time aside to make clear plans for the future.

  2. Self confidence is something I hugely lack (as do many others) and it is horrible when you realise this is the key thing that is stopping you from reaching your potential. Time and money are obviously important too but if you really want to achieve something then you have to believe that you can, no matter what. Thank you for this motivation this morning :) xxx
    Forever Dreaming of Oz


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