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#TBT An Inkling for an Inking...

Welcome #TBT / Throw Back Thursday! Where I am going to be delving into the depths of blog posts past and repost some of my favourites to share again with you all! As someone who has been blogging for over 2 years now, I have written over 400 blog posts, some that should probably remain hidden and some that I’m still pretty proud of and are still relevant to me. Which is why I thought it would be fun to run a #TBT series each week up until Christmas and share with you all my personal favourite old ‘Lipsticks& Lashes’ posts.

Originally Posted // 3rd February 2013

After hearing an interesting debate on tattoos on my local radio station this morning I have decided to air my views on this blog as it really got me thinking. I will openly declare I have a love/hate/middle of the line attitude when it comes to tattoos.

Let me explain, a women on the radio called them 'disgusting' another said it was 'de-facing yourself'. Some kind gentleman then joined in saying 'women who have tattoos are ugly and trashy'. My back was officially up! I have 5 tattoos myself and would not class myself in any of the above categories.

These are my lot:

  • My first design was the butterfly, it is placed just above my hip. I had it done on a lovely hot summers day around 7 years ago. I had just been dumped and my ex hated tattoos so in a moment of madness, throw in a best friend hyping me up and the decision was made!
  • My second, a few months later was the stars around my feet. I love the stars and am often complimented for this inking. Originally it was only around my ankle but around 2 years later I have it extended all the way down my foot. I do declare this is my favourite!
  • The dragonfly on my wrist was a result of my doodles. I was apprehensive about getting it done on my wrist as all my other designs are easily hidden. It is on the outside of my wrist so I often forget its there. It often gets mistaken for a treble clef, squiggle etc but I kind of like that! All art is interpreted differently by the viewer and why shouldn't tattoos?
  • Next up is the word 'believe' interlaced with a paper aeroplane. It is just on the side of my ribs and I had it done to remind myself to believe in myself and believe in my dreams. I strongly feel that if I believe in those 2 things I can achieve anything. I am currently looking at expanding this somehow and am looking for a good quote with the word 'believe' in. Nothings really grasped my attention yet but I will keep looking! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know?
  • Last but not least, my final piece of ink was done last year, its just above the inside of my ankle and symbolises 'Hakuna Matata'. My sister got exactly the same design in the same place. We had both been looking to get something for a while and this just suited us perfectly.
  • I love all my tattoos because they are just 'me'. I have heard people say 'Oh you will regret those when your older', well to those people I say no as they are personal. They are just as a part of me now as my right thumb, and they each have a story and meaning to me. I have no doubt I will expand my collection in the future.

    So the hater of tattoos in me.... where shall i begin? I hate, I hate teddy bear tattoos! WHY WHY WHY?!!!! I am not a fan of people getting boyfriend/girlfriend names, kids I can understand, but people who can disappear from your life or break your heart, why would you want a constant reminder?! Love Hate tattoos = so Tacky! Also I don't believe many women can get away with sleeves, don't get me wrong I have seen a few who really pull off the look and its a really cool look. However I have not seen many. Also tattoos on the face and across the jugular...Horrendous!!My personal motto is will you see if when I'm in my wedding dress?! Yes to those who know me I am ridiculously single at the moment but if or when that day comes I don't want my tattoos to be a focal point, I also love that mine can be covered up and It often surprises people that I have tattoos as apparently I don't seem 'the type'.

     On a flip note, men with Tattoos.... well in my opinion its a definite plus! I am a huge Home and Away fan, yes when I visited Oz I did make a trip to summer bay. Well my love of the show just escalated when the Braxtons moved into town, their hot bodies helped but throw in a few tattoos and id be happy to help them dry off after a surf any day! Oh and how can we forget David Beckham, Yummy!


    Am I a Hypocrite?! Yes probably, like most people I can be quick to judge others but looking at my own (OK yes small) artwork I am reminded that each to their own. One mans trash is another mans gold. Most importantly what you do to your body is a personal choice.


    1. I think tattoos are great! My boyfriend has four and I got my first one last year, which was exhilarating. I have to admit, I personally prefer custom designed rather than pre-made 'flash' ones, as I just think they're more personal and customization, but each to their own. If people just want them for the sake of having them, then that's equally valid! x

    2. I confess that I have always disliked any sort of inking on skin. I was terrified of mendhi when I was small and children in my school had it on their hands-when I got to events where you have to have your hand stamped, I ask if they can stamp something else as I can't bear it on my skin. I don't like face paints either. That said, I can appreciate good artwork on someone else's tattoo and appreciate the craftsmanship but I wouldn't want one myself. It took me a long time to reconcile myself to makeup but I had to get used to it because I used to do lots of stage shows! That said, Mendhi still freaks me out to this day!


    Please leave comments, would love to hear your views....

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