Sunday, 26 October 2014

Who's in my Sidebar... October Edition

Welcome to Octobers edition of ‘who’s in my sidebar’! This month has flown by so quickly and i cant believe im sat here typing this out already! Ive has some absolutely lovely bloggers hanging out in my sidebar this month and i am so excited to introduce you all to them properly! Sundays were made for sitting down with a cuppa and browsing blogs so i hope you all take a few mintes to go and check theirs out!
First up is Giada from Miel–Cafe...
‘A freelance blog designer who wants to design cakes, writes about beauty, food, lifestyle, design, home decor, travels and a lot more.'
I have been a fan of Giada’s blog for quite a while, she is Italian and lives and blogs in Italy, yet writes in English. I love this blog for its gorgeous photography  and greay mix of lifestyle, fashion and some seriously yummy recipes just to name a few!
‘I'm Tallulah, a 20 year old girl from NZ, blogging about life, adventures, pop culture, a bit of food and a bit of whatever is on my mind!
A  blog with a great mix of everything with great pics too! Im moving to new Zealand next so a little bit of a fan of Tallulahs lifestyle posts, shes also a fellow fan of Harry Potter so whats not to love!
‘Hello there! :) I'm Dani and I'm a 23 year old Fashion Design graduate from the outskirts of London. I spend my whole life either shopping, browsing eBay for a bargain, traipsing around a car boot, or drooling over gorgeous clothes. And now I've learnt how to make my own. This is how I'm getting on, what I'm learning, and my bargains along the way.'
This is one of my favourite blogs for fashion, Dani has great style and i love her wishlists. Sadly im not sure my bank balance feels the same! ;)
Last but not least is Marie from Karma Cake...
‘I was an opera singer turned writer, but I now I’m more of a reluctant social media socialite and Karmacake is my survival guide. It's a lifestyle blog that's an honest mix of all the things that define me as an individual - and I hope that others can find some inspiration in that. Sure, you'll find thought-pieces on pop culture and beauty hacks, but you'll also learn that being yourself is totally awesome. Through my blog, I'm that girl-next-door that'll help you learn how to walk before you can run in everything life has to offer’
I completely envy Marie’s writing! She is smart, funny and honest. It a completely refreshing read and she writes about a variety of topics that have you coming back for more!
Thank you ladies for being such lovely sponsors!
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