Friday, 17 October 2014

Links I Love #2

1.    Naughty dog showers baby with gifts after stealing its toys – this one had me giggling! I’m a huge dog lover so love all videos like this one!
2.    I am beyond obsessed with dinosaurs and am completely in love with these giant dinosaur DIY framed prints. They look fab!
3.    This dads reason for not walking his daughter down the aisle has made me go all emosh!
4.    This kid has cancer and does a rap song to JayZ all about it – awesome way to raise awareness about this horrible illness.
5.    These Nude photos are fantastic! The photographer switches things up and is the one who is naked whilst taking photos of his subjects’ reactions. Love this concept.

6.    23 husbands describe the moment they knew they found ‘the one’ – the hopeless romantic in me adores this!

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