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#TBT Supermarket Shopping Rage

Welcome #TBT / Throw Back Thursday! Where I am going to be delving into the depths of blog posts past and repost some of my favourites to share again with you all! As someone who has been blogging for over 2 years now, I have written over 400 blog posts, some that should probably remain hidden and some that I’m still pretty proud of and are still relevant to me. Which is why I thought it would be fun to run a #TBT series each week up until Christmas and share with you all my personal favourite old ‘Lipsticks & Lashes’ posts.
Originally Posted // 13th February 2013
I love shopping for Make Up, Clothes, Bags, and Shoes etc. Hell I even went on a shopping holiday to New York and it was heaven! However send me to a supermarket and I turn into an evil trolley bashing troll. I HATE IT!
I used to think it was where I was single and whenever id go grocery shopping it would be full of loved up couples in the aisles pashing. Who would have thought, if you’re looking for a top romantic spot head to your local Asda! It gets worse, these loved up lumps then have to stop and kiss every few yards in the centre of the aisle so you can’t get pass or right in front of the item that’s right at the top of your shopping list so you have to wait for them to get over themselves and move on. NIGHTMARE!

Next up is the old people, who when there is one of those trolley blockages at the end of the aisle and the one hot single guy moves to let you through, they barge past you and knock you out of the way! Then to add insult to injury they then have the cheek to turn and say than you to you! Err for what?! Allowing you to be intentionally rude! Yep sure it was my pleasure!!
So by this point my stress levels are sky high and I've totally forgotten the reason why I entered the store and am aiming for comfort in the chocolate or alcohol aisle, whichever one is closest. Its then at this moment I usually encounter what I like to affectionately call ‘The Brats’ (all right, it’s normally something a bit ruder but my mum might read this!). They are the spawn of the devils kids and are running around like they've stepped out of a loony tunes cartoon and eaten a crate of blue smarties. They bash into you and your trolley and send you flying and are screaming louder than someone who’s being tortured in a SAW movie.  ‘Dear Parents, if you cannot control your children please don’t take them out in public to rein terror on everyone else!’ Oh and then throw in the tantruming toddler with the chav mum shouting abuse at it because you know that’s bound to calm them down. Yes kid, I understand your pain, if someone was talking to me like that I’d be taking it out on the floor too.
Having nothing in my trolley that I came in for, and am instead laden with a ton of impulse buys that I don’t need, I head to the checkout. After waiting ages while the checkout assistant chats a load of rubbish small talk to the person in front of me, I eventually am at the front of the queue.
Check out Lady: “would you like a hand packing?”
Me: “Oh no thank you, I’ll be OK”
Thinking I'm doing her a favour saving her from the job, its then like she’s taken offence to me and scans my items through at lightning speed! She then makes a big show of having to wait for me to finish packing!
All I can say is thank the lord for the wonder that is on-line supermarket shopping! My stress levels are eternally in your debt. As for those items I need there and then I bask in the joy that my local supermarket is open 24 hours a day so I only venture in late at night to eliminate any of the previous mentioned dangers.


  1. I can't even begin to describe how much I relate to this!
    Fran - xx


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